Friday, August 24, 2012

La Bourboule

We spent the third and last leg of our vacation in La Bourboule, Auvergne, where Les Iweins have their family home.

It has certainly been a week mainly devoted to family, rest and food.

But not only.

On my now third visit to Auvergne, I am learning to appreciate and enjoy more and more this part of France which, in addition to good cheeses and sausages, offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

We horse-rode, ‘accrobranched’, and hiked in plenitude - and I mountain-biked up to the peaks and down through the woods of these mountains quite a bit. And considering this region is regarded as a paradise for paragliding and cross-country ski - it seems time has come for me to learn both these activities.

The only drawback, if I may and without wanting to offend anyone, was the weather. We had six days of sun, blue sky, and temperatures closer to the thirties than to the twenties. And for me, keen of harsh conditions as far as outdoor activities is concerned, who went there armed with my best technical gear, it has been rather disappointing to have to leave my goratex raincoat, my windstopper gloves, my warmest polar-fleece sweaters unused in my luggage.

But perhaps next time I’ll be luckier…

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