Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Il viaggiatore perfetto

Leonardino è un leoncino che vive a Nairobi...

Ne è passata d’acqua sotto i ponti da quando Leonardino ha preso il suo primo treno, e i suoi occhioni sorpresi e un po’ smarriti hanno lasciato il posto ad un viaggiatore provetto.

Chiedete ai suoi vicini!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best buddies - The video

It seems that the link in the previous post does not work properly. Here the video is!

Best buddies

The highlight of the week-end with Elise, Matt and Lucas has certainly been Leo and Lucas playing together.

They have not stopped a second during the entire week-end from running after each other, playing, dancing, and laughing together. It really seemed as if they were two old friends meeting again after long time.

If we could, we would have video-recorded them the entire week-end, so funny they were. Unfortunately we had to be satisfied with this short video only.

And after this week-end, we can’t wait to see Leo and Oscar (or whichever name will be) playing together…

Monday, February 25, 2013

From the heart of Europe to the Eternal City - Les Buckles in Rome

Do you remember how we said goodbye to Elisetta the last time we met, three years ago in Kashmir (“…see you in Geneva, Paris, or who knows?”).

Well, little we knew at that time that the ‘who knows?’ would have been Rome three years later. Over the week-end we in fact received the visit of Elise, Matt, and the little Lucas.

It has been a great week-end, probably the first time in which we felt fully in synchrony with another couple with a child.

So, who knows where we will be meeting next…

(More pictures and stories in the next few days).

Friday, February 22, 2013

15.99 € well spent

Do you remember our recent trip to Ikea?

Never 15.99 € have been better spent…

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

È intelligente, ma non si applica (He is intelligent, but he does not apply himself)

Today Leo had the first ‘performance evaluation’ of his life - or, in other words, today Mathilde and I had our first formal meeting with Leo’s teachers to discuss how Leo goes at the childcare.

Deeply moved, we were there listening to their feedback. And here it is his ‘performance evaluation’, or, if you wish, his ‘attitudinal profile’...

“Leonardo is a very obedient, sensitive and good-hearted/peaceful child. He is rather independent, and, considering his age, he already talks a lot. However, in some circumstances, he would need to learn to be a bit more patient: he tends in fact to get frustrated if he does not succeed in doing something at the first try. Moreover, sometimes, his good-hearted and peaceful personality turns against him, as his classmates often tease him without him fighting back”.*

Perhaps this was what teachers were saying about baby-Gandhi as well...

(*) Peppa and Antonella

Monday, February 18, 2013


Not sure whether this is true or not, but they say that during pregnancy there is a phase in which the mother-to-be feels like ‘nesting’.

You all know I am not a great fan of Ikea week-ends, and although long due, I tried to procrastinate this trip to Ikea for months and months. But in the end the argument used to convince me - the ‘nesting’ phase - was an argument to which I could not rebut. And with bowed head I finally had to go*.

Anyway, the week-end is over, and Leo and Oscar (that's Baby #2 nickname - we haven’t decided his name yet) will have a nice, brand-new bedroom now!

(*) But still have a doubt on whether this story of the nesting phase is an excuse that Mathilde smartly conceived to convince me, or if it is actually true...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Io sono qui

One week to the elections. 

25 questions on various topical and controversial subjects in the Italian politics: from public financing to political parties, to the modalities for acquiring the citizenship’s rights; from conflict of interests, to the ethics of heterologous fecundation; from taxation on financial revenues, to fiscal federalism, etc. To each question you should state your opinion by saying whether you agree (strongly, fully, or moderately) or disagree (strongly, fully, or moderately). 

On the basis of your answers you are placed on a graph that shows which are the parties closest to your political position, and which are the farest. 

Do take the test and check where you are. Io (according to this test) sono qui…

Saturday, February 16, 2013


My first surprise party in 39 years has been… a surprise! 

Thanks to all for coming, and to Mathilde for… surprising me…

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

This morning, as every morning, I brought Leo to the childcare. I delivered him to Rosy, the teacher, kissed him and wished him a good day.

But then, instead of continuing straight on the Cristoforo Colombo as every morning, I turned left, entered in the A24, towards east, looked with a smile at the long queue that was forming on the opposite lane, and in less than one hour and half I was in Campo Felice, with my new skis on my feet.

Happy birthday to me!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quel chiacchierone di Leo (Leo, what a great talker!)

It seems yesterday that Leo pronounced his first word (tortue). Three months have passed, and Leo has become a little parrot. 

Here it is some of his repertoire:

-          Tutto (tutto, all)
-          Tchao (ciao, hello)
-          Bye (bye)
-          Mano (mano, hand)
-          Bede (piede, foot)
-          Pane (pane, bread)
-          Ka-ka (acqua, water)
-          Ga-to (gateau, biscuit)
-          Me-la (mela, apple)
-          Pom (pomme, apple)
-          Ba (banana)
-          Latte (latte, milk)
-          Pappa (pappa/ho fame, baby food/I am hungry)
-          Male (male/mi sono fatto male, pain/I hurt myself)
-          Cayu (caillou, pebble)
-          Batta (ciabatta, slipper)
-          Petta (scarpetta, children’ shoe)
-          Buco (buco, hole)
-          Caldo (caldo, warm)
-          Scotta (scotta, it burns)
-          Ca-ia (Claudia)
-          Nonna (either nonna, grandmother, or telephone)
-          Pacha (Macha)
-          Baila (balla, dance)
-          Balla (palla, ball)
-          Zizi (zizi, willy)
-          Giallo (giallo, yellow)
-          Blu (blu, blue)
-          Giù (giù, down)
-          Baccio (in braccio, in your arms)

… and of course: NO, NO, NO!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Il mistero del limone sul balcone (The mistery of the lemon on the balcony)

An African proverb says that if you are a date tree, you can't produce walnuts* - meaning you cannot change your nature. But those who said this apparently irrefutable said have probably never experienced what we experienced a couple of weeks ago...

On our terrace we have several plants, including a lemon tree - which, on our own word, produces juicy and tasty lemons. 

Well then, a couple of weeks ago we noticed that the fruits on the tree were too orange to be lemons. We got closer to watch better, and - strangely - they looked more like mandarins than like lemons. We tasted them, and - we could not believe it - they tasted exactly as mandarins. 

We were puzzled. Lemons that look and taste like mandarins.

Inter-pollination? Pollution? Climate change? GMO??? Can anyone help us in solving this mystery???...

(*) The fruits in the proverb may actually have been different, I can't remember - but the concept remains the same.