Friday, March 4, 2011

Les M&M's at Ikea

Which couple didn’t spend at least a full Sunday at Ikea in its life?

Well, our turn happened to be two week-ends ago, at the Ikea ‘Anagnina’. Just as background information, the last time we spent a full day at Ikea was in October 2006, at the Ikea of College Park in Washington DC. We spent 12 hours in a row, from 9 am to 9 pm, hardly stopping for lunch or even to go to the restrooms. We disagreed on everything, and at the end of that marathon, yes, we had the house fully furnished, but we were literally ready to break-up.

Five years later we repeated the experience. Lessons learnt? Well, at the end of the day we just bought a mattress, a small table, a chair, a stool, two glasses, two dishes, two forks, two knives and a pot.

Our home is still pretty empty, but at least our marriage is safe…


  1. I never seen anybody in suit and tie at the IKEA in College Park! IKEA Italy must be a totally different world...
    Congratulations for surviving it yet another time!

  2. Matteo in giacca e cravatta!? Ma volevi comprare l'IKEA?

  3. ragazzi: la classe non e' acqua!

  4. you could write a guide of Ikea across countries ;-)

  5. it would be a three-volume, thousand pages tome!