Thursday, March 10, 2011

Da Flavio al Velavevodetto

Coming back to Italy after twelve years abroad is not easy. I can’t say I am facing what is commonly known as ‘cultural counter-shock’, the shock associated with re-adjusting to your own native culture after having being immersed in another culture for long time, but certainly there are aspects of living abroad that I am missing.

What I am certainly not missing is ethnic food. Since I moved back to Italy, I have not been to a single non-Italian restaurant yet! Perhaps I simply have to recover 12 years of ‘starvation’. Or perhaps it’s true: there is no better cuisine than Italian cuisine.

Whatever the reason is, one thing is certainly true: in Rome, carbonara has a different taste.

And tonight Chiara could confirm it…

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  1. gnam gnam!!!
    (sto ancora pensando alla cena dei nostri vicini di tavolo...)