Friday, March 18, 2011

Diner chez l’Ambassadeur

In line with a recurrent theme in our past posts (how small is this world), let me report another casual encounter*.

No this time I didn’t meet Annesophie, one of my best friends from the times in London, but her parents, monsieur l’Ambassadeur de France à Islamabad et madame, who have been leaving here in Pakistan for the past three years and invited me for dinner chez 'la Residence' yesterday eve**.

And while tasting saumon à les herbes et tartare de légumes, two considerations came to my mind. The first one: that French cuisine is much better than Pakistani cuisine. And the second one: Annesophietta, when will we meet again???

(*) And as far as casual encounters are concerned, Mathilde has accidentally met Francesca and Kaz, two friends of us from Washington and Delhi, in Tunisi! This is really a small world!

(**) A special thanks for the delicious dinner (and I hope that the fact I was invited for dinner on Thursday was purely accidental…)

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