Thursday, March 3, 2011

Les M&M’s are back on line!

Apologizes for the long silence. I may say I have been overwhelmed by the new job (which incidentally is true), but the real reason for our long absence from the net is that we have been waiting for the past two weeks to have internet at home.

And I don’t want to be ungenerous with my own country by highlighting that in India it took us only two days to have internet connection at home (and it little matters that Airtel kept on calling for one month after the installation to ask when they could come to install internet: these are little inefficiencies that you smile about when your service is actually delivered). In the end in fact we should consider ourselves lucky as it took us only 17 days to finally have internet, when, according to a friend of mine who worked in the telecommunication sector, the average wait here in Italy is more than 20 days!

And in the end it little matters that, yes, we finally have internet, but that the telephone line stopped working. It seems in fact we will have to get used here in Italy to be content with little, and to accept that you cannot have it all. If you want internet, the fact that you may not have a telephone line is a little price you may need to accept. If you want the telephone line, perhaps you may need to accept your doorbell won’t work, and so on… And anyway, luckily there is Skype!

Anyway, the most important thing is that, yes, les M&M’s are back on line, and that little by little we will update you on what happened in the past two weeks.

So, stay tuned!


  1. congratulations on the internet!!!

    is this photo from your new home? it looks very nice and large!!! i cant wait to see more photos!!! good luck with the new job and everything else ;)

    bisous, baci from brasil!!


  2. it looks large because it's empty ;)

  3. non sono troppi tre televisori in una stanza?

  4. e tutti che trasmettono lo stesso canale: il gianicolo e l'aventino...

  5. glad to see your sense of humor is full on!

  6. tx arati :)

    when are you coming to visit us ?