Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Italian in Afghanistan (and that’s not me)

I can’t say there is much to see driving around Kabul*. Certainly Kabul is not the kind of city where you keep on asking your driver to stop to take pictures. But when we passed in front of the hospital built and run by Emergency, I couldn’t resist to ask the driver to stop for a second.

Gino Strada is a controversial character. You may or may not share his radical positions. You may or may not like the way he presents himself. But certainly you can’t avoid to admire what he did, and, if you have a hat, take it off and say “chapeau”…

(*) Even though Kabul has its charm, I have to confess. But this perhaps will be the topic of another post…


  1. che cosa c'è di più "radicale" che prendersi cura di chi ne ha bisogno? Grande Gino Strada.