Sunday, February 17, 2013

Io sono qui

One week to the elections. 

25 questions on various topical and controversial subjects in the Italian politics: from public financing to political parties, to the modalities for acquiring the citizenship’s rights; from conflict of interests, to the ethics of heterologous fecundation; from taxation on financial revenues, to fiscal federalism, etc. To each question you should state your opinion by saying whether you agree (strongly, fully, or moderately) or disagree (strongly, fully, or moderately). 

On the basis of your answers you are placed on a graph that shows which are the parties closest to your political position, and which are the farest. 

Do take the test and check where you are. Io (according to this test) sono qui…



  2. comunista!


  3. non l'ho fatto apposta, mi hanno teso una trappola con il loro incalzante interrogatorio!!!!

  4. mangia bambini!

  5. eh, una zia che mangia i nipotini... speriamo solo di baci!