Wednesday, February 20, 2013

È intelligente, ma non si applica (He is intelligent, but he does not apply himself)

Today Leo had the first ‘performance evaluation’ of his life - or, in other words, today Mathilde and I had our first formal meeting with Leo’s teachers to discuss how Leo goes at the childcare.

Deeply moved, we were there listening to their feedback. And here it is his ‘performance evaluation’, or, if you wish, his ‘attitudinal profile’...

“Leonardo is a very obedient, sensitive and good-hearted/peaceful child. He is rather independent, and, considering his age, he already talks a lot. However, in some circumstances, he would need to learn to be a bit more patient: he tends in fact to get frustrated if he does not succeed in doing something at the first try. Moreover, sometimes, his good-hearted and peaceful personality turns against him, as his classmates often tease him without him fighting back”.*

Perhaps this was what teachers were saying about baby-Gandhi as well...

(*) Peppa and Antonella

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