Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leo & Leo

We didn’t necessarily want to be original, but it’s true that when we chose to name Leo ‘Leo’, we didn’t know many other Leonardos. In fact the only Leonardo I knew was a class-mate of my sister at the primary school, Leonardo Lunati, who I have not heard of for the past thirty years or so.

But since we named Leonardo ‘Leonardo’, it seems that all babies in Italy (or at least those who were born in Rome) are named Leonardo. There are no recreational areas or parks where we do not hear other mums calling ‘Leonardo, Leonardo!’. In the IFAD childcare, out of 25 babies (half of which I presume are males), there are three Leonardos. And even if there are no other Leonardos in our Leo’s class at the Nido, I already heard several times calling ‘Leonardo!’ in the Nido’s corridors the few times I took Leo to the childcare…

Within this Leos’ epidemic, I thus had an easy guess when Mathilde, coming back from work, asked me: “Hey, guess what’s my colleague Noemi’s child name?”…

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