Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 reasons why we are excited about going to India

(1) Because we have never been to India (M&M’s)

(2) Because after almost five years at head-quarters, it was a while we were considering to get back to the field (M&M’s)

(3) Because the Himalayas are just two hours and half away… (Matteo)

(4) Because I love the Indian accent (Mathilde)

(5) Because I look forward to eating Indian every day (Mathilde)

(6) Because we already have a long list of people who will come to visit us (M&M’s)

(7) Because changes are opportunities for growth (M&M’s)

(8) Because after so much Africa, it was time to discover a new continent… (M&M’s)

(9) Because India is not too far from Nepal and Bhutan (Matteo), and from Thailand and the Maldives (Mathilde)

(10)Because, as Alex said, India is the ‘mother land’, and everybody needs to visit it at least once in his/her life (M&M’s)


  1. On Number 5 be very careful: you may end up twice your size in a blink!
    On number 9: this is so you guys!
    On Number 6: here are my dates in India up to January: October (12-14), November (9-12), December (12-21) and January (18-30). Can't wait to see you there!

  2. zut, you will miss diwali, on oct. 17!

  3. Hai già provato a vedere come stai col turbante?
    e Mathilde con un bel diamante da parecchi carati sulla fronte...?