Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Lotus Temple

Back to Delhi after our trip to Kerala, we started the exploration of our new hometown again. And last week-end we visited the Lotus Temple, one of the landmarks of Delhi.

This is an incredible architectonical structure: inspired by the idea of a lotus flower, its design comprises 27 free-standing, almost 40 m high, marble-clad “petals”, which surround an internal dome. Impressive.

But more than the impressive architectonical style of the building, we were fascinated by the message that this construction brings along. The Lotus Temple is a gathering place open to all, indipendently from their religious beliefs - or any other difference. People of any religion can enter the temple and worship their respective Gods - side by side.

In a country whose history is marked by religious conflicts, and where religious tensions are still very much present under the surface, we found this place inspiring: a physical space of tolerance and respect…

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