Sunday, June 10, 2012

L’amico ritrovato (Reunion)

Catherine used to be my room-mate at the World Bank. We shared the office, but not only. Confidences, frustrations, aspirations… she was my office-mate, but she was a good friend as well.

And then, as often happens in our profession, someone leaves - in this case Catherine, destination: Nairobi. A few emails to keep in touch, but, with time, fewer and fewer, each of us taken up by our respective routines. I had heard she had moved to London after Nairobi, and then to Azerbaijan, but meanwhile I had moved to Delhi, and by that time we had completely lost track of each other.

Until yesterday, when I unexpectedly received a message from her. She is in Brussels now, got married, and got a beautiful daughter, Helena Chiara, more or less as old as Leo.

An Uhlman’s happy ending - which may become a Hollywood happy ending if we meet again eventually.

Who knows? Do keep on follow our Blog, and you will discover the end of this story...


  1. Catherine McSweeneyJune 12, 2012 at 2:15 AM

    Grazie Matteo e Mathilde, so nice:) I am delighted to be in touch again, we will try to bring Helena to Rome and see you and meet Leo! Complimenti allo squaletto, only two classes and he's already a champion!

  2. looking forward to hosting you here in rome!

    and won't exclude a blitz in bruxelles (we have a few friends there, and promised to pay them a visit since long time...)