Monday, May 20, 2013


Two weeks away from Tommy means I have missed 25% of his life. And in a life span equivalent to a quarter of your life things change!
Tommy has grown: he is taller, heavier, his hair longer and his chicks chubbier. His glance is more present and attentive. We can’t say whether he already recognizes faces, but we like to think so. And although more grimaces than proper smiles, he has begun to give the hint of a smile…
And today he is two-month-old.
Happy monthiversary, Tommy: one-thousand-two-hundred of these days!!!


  1. Felice di saperti a Roma con i tuoi e non a Kabul. Mi sembra proprio di rivedere la mia vita cinque anni fa. Sorprendente, o forse no. Come sempre. Ciao. Emanuele

  2. speriamo allora che tra cinque anni mi tocchi il mozambico. non sarebbe male vedendo le vostre foto...

    un abbraccio, e buon kenya!