Tuesday, May 6, 2014


After almost three years and half diligently serving Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, as of May 1 I have been given the responsibility for the China portfolio.

Not the portfolio I thought I deserved (Maldives, outposted), but you can’t have all in life. And after the recent events in Afghanistan (the attacks to a restaurant where we used to go when in Kabul, to a hotel where we stayed just a few days before two gunmen broke in and killed nine people, and to a guesthouse close to the one where we stayed several times), perhaps time had finally come for a change.

This change brings a mix of feelings. On the one hand I am somehow sad to leave three countries to which, for different reasons, I got attached. On the other hand I am attracted by a country which I feel I somehow belong to.

In the next posts some pictures of my recent trip to China, a few weeks ago.

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