Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dear Santa...

December is time of Christmas trees and letters to Santa Claus. These were ours…

Leo (this letter has been written from Leo's dictation):

          Dear Santa,

          This year I have been a good boy:

          -          I did drawings
          -          I helped Mum
          -          I have been good with Tommy
          -          I gave kisses to Claudia
          -          I have obeyed Peppa [Leo’s teacher at the childcare]

          Therefore, I would like:

          -          a taxi
          -          the BIP-BIP car
          -          and then feel free to choose yourself

          Leo [if you pay attention you can see Leo’ signature]

Tommy (this letter has been dictated by Leo on behalf of Tommy, interpreting Tommy's wishes):

          Dear Santa,

          In my almost nine months I have been:

          -          Good 
          -          Very good
          -          Fairly good
          -          Almost good

          Therefore, I would like:

          -          another brother
          -          a little bird
          -          a bear that speaks
          -          some small cars
          -          a pyramid

          [Signed by Tommy]

And this is Mathilde's:

          Dear Santa,

          This year I have been very very good, and thus I deserve a trip to Thailand for two weeks, a GPS not to lose myself by car, a camera, and a few full nights. And a husband that tells me his days.


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