Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tommy, mangi?

They say that when a couple decides to have two children in a row it is because the parents have been spoiled (or deceived) by the firstborn.

To a certain extent this applies to us as well. Leo was definitively a sleepyhead, and - above all - a big eater. We always tell the anecdote of Leo’s childcare teacher who once asked us whether Leo had breakfast at home, because “after the mid-morning snack, he picks the crumbs from the floor…”

To tell the truth, Tommy is not as sleepyhead as Leo, but - listening to the accounts of other parents - we can’t complain either.

But as far as food is concerned, he is an agony. Simply, he doesn’t eat. No matter if you beg him, if you threaten him, by hook or by crook, he does not eat.

So, please, Tommy… mangia!!!

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