Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Visit to the French school

On Friday we went visiting the French International School of Beijing, the school that, starting from Monday, Leo and Tommy will attend.

The impact was very positive: the building is new, modern, and spacious, with a nice outdoor 11-a-side football pitch (which Leo immediately went to watch). The personnel, from the teachers to the administrative staff, is polite and smiling. The corridors are decorated with the drawings and the artworks of the students of the different ages, from the nursery to the lycée. And the classes are a melange of children from all around the world, as not even in Benetton's advertisements…

We will certainly miss the San Gregorio al Celio and Chateaubriand. But we left the visit to the school reassured and with the positive feeling of having made the right choice. The kids were excited - even Tommy, who is notoriously a bit more introvert and adverse to the new.

"I can't wait for it to be Monday" said Leo on our way back home.

We can't deny in the past months we often wondered, with some apprehension, how the kids would have dealt with this transition. Leo's words were music for our ears…

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