Tuesday, October 20, 2009


After 10 days of intensive search, 33 houses visited, 4 agents consulted, and after 5 long days of tough negotiation, today at noon we signed the lease agreement. From tomorrow you can come and visit us (the apartment has a spacious guest room with independent bathroom) or send us postcards at:

Block C-478 (2nd floor)
Defence Colony
New Delhi 110 024 (India)

Some of you may wonder who won the "poker" game. Above, a picture with Mr. and Mrs. Sikka (left and center respectively), Surinda (a bit behind), and me (the tall one on the right) just after having signed the contract. From our faces, you can imagine who got the best deal… (of course the agent).


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  2. Are you that picky or were you afraid not to meet Mathilde's expectations? Anyway, can't wait to see pictures !

  3. Yay, now all you have to do is put a calendar for the use of the guest room on this site and people can fill in!!!I am still hoping to come there before end of Feb but will see....

  4. We really look forward to having you here ! And Mathilde needs some tips on which market is the best...