Friday, October 2, 2009

La quiete dopo la tempesta (The calm after the storm)

Odo augelli fare festa… The past weeks have been emotionally and logistically hectic. First, the decision on whether to accept to move to India - thus leaving our friends, our jobs, our hardly conquered routine in DC, etc. Then, the run against time to organize our move: find someone to lease our apartment, someone to take care of the Vespa, update the vaccinations, get the visas, get the tickets, cancel our subscriptions, pay our bills, finalize our deliverables, decide what to bring and what not, prepare our luggages, take leave from our friends and colleagues…

In short, a true storm.

But as always - after the rain, the clearness comes. And so, after several frantic weeks, now that the decision is taken, the luggages prepared, friends have been said good-bye, etc. I finally feel in peace. And look forward to being on the plane to sleep 20 hours in a row, before starting this new chapter of our lives...

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