Sunday, October 11, 2009

White tiger

Today, between a visit to a house and another, I took a couple of hours of break and visited the Delhi zoo. Among various species, the zoo hosts the very rare species of the white tiger. It is believed that white tigers bring good luck. Well, if this is the case, I hope that this visit will help me finding a house soon…


  1. The White Tiger e' anche il titolo di un libro che ha avuto un successo enorme l'anno scorso e che aiuta a vedere Delhi sotto una lente diversa. Te lo raccomando (avrei preferito dirtelo a cena ma Air India, oggi, ha tradito entrambi!)

  2. lo sto leggendo proprio adesso (insieme a "l'altra india"). ti aspetto domani, ciao!

  3. how was the delhi zoo? When I went then over a decade and a half ago, the tigers were miserable - hot and pacing in a small cage while being ogled and screamed at by dozens of small children (not having an acquaintance with small children then, I was less patient of their antics).