Monday, September 27, 2010

8 years later

Arnaldo & Lara (the Minuts), Marco, Federica, Loredana, Claudia... names that belong to the past, emails under the category ‘Ethiopia’, at most friends on Facebook.

During my stay in Rome I played the hermit: slept at the trappist monks (ref. previous post), dined by myself, informed only very few about my blitz in town.

You can then imagine my surprise when, at IFAD’s cafeteria, I heard a voice from behind: “Non ci posso credere! Matteo!!!” (I can’t believe it! Matteo!!!).

It was Federica, one of my first and best friends in Addis. Hugs, kisses, how are you, where are you now, what are you doing, let’s have dinner, ok.

I just had the time to return at my desk and check my email, that I found a message from Federica copied to half of my friends in Addis, now in Rome, saying: Matteo is in Rome, let’s have dinner together.

And the dinner (a special thanks to the Cerbos’ for hosting us) was an incredible ‘back to the past’: between old anecdotes and coffee tables, Debre Libanos’ pictures and ‘Zerihun’s’, we discovered that 8 years are just a blink.

And when we finally left around midnight, we were somehow disappointed we could not continue the evening at the Silver Bullet...

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