Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FRRO - one year later*

From the Indian Consulate in Washington to the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Delhi, passing through the Ministry of Home Affairs - after endless queues, countless hours waiting and waiting, dozens of unpleasant and arrogant officers, kilos of photocopies of our passports, visas, lease agreement, passport-size pictures, etc. etc. - we finally got our Indian visas extended.

Happy to be, finally (!), "registered foreign residents" for one year more!

(*) http://www.matteoandmathilde.org/2009/10/i-remember-during-my-times-at.html, http://www.matteoandmathilde.org/2009/10/officially-resident.html, and http://www.matteoandmathilde.org/2009/11/officially-resident-as-well.html


  1. Non ho capito se l'espressione è lieta o schifata. Chiarire!

  2. Ve li hanno rinnovati solo perchè le formiche han messo una buona parola!

  3. grazie dall'anonimo, che forse prima o poi riuscirà a capire perchè non riesce ad accedere col profilo!