Monday, September 6, 2010

Friends of Ants (no, it’s not the name of a new NGO...)

Help!!! We are invaded by ants!!!

Simple - you would say - you just need to go to the grocery and buy a product against them.

Well, that’s what we did: we went to a grocery and we asked for such product. We noticed however that the errand boys of the shop looked a bit puzzled, and we couldn’t understand why.

After they confabulated a bit among themselves, one of them came to us and said: “Sorry, we don’t kill ants...”

We knew, when we came to India, that cows were holy here. But we couldn’t imagine that ants were highly regarded as well!

But the problem remains: does anyone know a magic piper (un pifferaio magico, un joueur de flute) specialized in ants removal?


  1. Try to negotiate with ants: tell them "we live here (indoor), you live there (outdoor). We will not disturb you, you must not disturb us". Usually it works. If they do not understand (it is possible, they are indian ants) use fire, but be careful not to fire your house. In this case, the ants remain, you have to move to another house.

  2. In an ideal world, solution n. 1 would be the preferred. In a real world, I am afraid we would need to move soon to another house (or wait until the ants go into hibernation...)

  3. already tried them (in colombia). they taste a bit like... chips.


    i think i'll go for my sister' solution...

  4. autres solutions:

  5. merci anonymous, on vais essayer!