Tuesday, January 4, 2011



  1. Dear M&Ms,
    I'd suggest to start changing pose. Matteo always on the right, Mathilde always on the left. Matteo' s head tilted a few degrees, both smiling. I am afraid you are becoming an ad. The M&M's ad.
    Suggestion 1
    Get a 3 years old to take your photos;
    Suggestion 2
    Get strangers to take your photos;
    Suggestions 3
    Start taking pictures of other parts of your bodies and exclude your faces

  2. ciao emanuele,

    in fact it was our game for this vacation - 'les m&m's ad' sounds good: we'll give you the credit.

    and after so many months spent apart, forgive us if we overloaded a bit the blog with our smiling faces in the past days :)

    but promised, after this vacation we'll change our pose...

    les m&m's