Monday, January 17, 2011

And so be it Rome

Fiji, Johannesburg, or Rome*?

This dilemma tormented us for the past months, but after weeks of meditation, hesitation, humming and hawing, les M&M’s finally opted for Rome.

Matteo went ahead and reached the capital yesterday eve to begin scouting; Mathilde will join Matteo in February.

Give us a couple of months to settle in and we’ll open the bookings to stay at our place.

We really wish you could come to visit us, and we look forward to having you 'chez nous' here in Rome. But hurry up: there is actually a bet going on between me and Mathilde on who will be the first friend (or relative) to come to visit us…



  1. Ammazza che gajardooooo!!!!! Siete i mejo riga'!


    A big hug from London and best wishes in this new step!

  2. An excellent choice! Finally you'll enjoy Inter beating Roma and Laszio in stadio olympico! Interista Henrik

  3. ah, if only you moved to Jo'burg... we'll be in Harare, Zimbabwe Dec 2011! Would have been neighbors practically....! ENjoy Roma!

  4. Roma caput mundi...the other M&M

  5. la prima sarò io!!!
    solo che mathilde ancora non c'è!

  6. @ Gianni: Londra-Roma sono solo 0.01 euro + taxes with Ryanair!

    @ l'Interista Henrik: looking forward to having you in Rome to go together to see a Roma-Inter match :)

    @ DGB: (who are you?) well, don't you ever pass by Rome?

    @ Anonymous: who are the other M&M's?

    @ ky: see

  7. It's going to be me! ;)