Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It is true, the birth of a child totally changes the lenses through which you look at the world…

A couple of days ago we watched Scialla (Roman slang expression that means ‘don’t worry’, ‘stay cool’), an Italian movie that tells the story of Luca, a rebellious 15 year-old boy that lives with his single-mother and reluctantly attends the high school. Suddenly, Luca’s mother has to leave to Africa for a few months. She thus decides to give the custody of Luca to Luca’s private classes teacher, a former professor with whom Luca gets along, disclosing him that he is Luca’s natural father - but asking him to keep the secret. A forced cohabitation thus begins, during which, against their will and through a series of events and adventures, Luca has to confront himself with an adult male character, and the father has to take care of his son…

The movie is cute, and under normal circumstances we would have enjoyed it and gone to bed happy and relaxed.

However, a profound sense of anxiety pervaded us instead. We projected ourselves in 15 years and saw Leo in Luca: I was frightened by the challenges and the responsibility of dealing with a rebellious teenager. Mathilde was frightened by the idea of not understanding Leo’s Roman slang!


  1. Sora Matilde, e stai scialla! E fallo cresce er pupo!

  2. guarda un po' chi si rivede! pizzardone, be tornato, era un po' che non ti facevi sentire...

  3. ps: pizzardone, sei sicuro di essere romano de roma? non si dice "stai scialla", si dice "scialla" e basta...

  4. E'per farmi capì da Sora Matilde: se scrivevo "Sora Matilde scialla" je facevo venì le' sciallate tutti e lasciate che er pupo respiri libero l'idioma de Roma!