Friday, November 30, 2012

24 November

Having both a job here now, the chances of staying in Rome for quite some time, or of eventually returning to Rome should we decide to be outposted for a while, are quite high.

And although the ‘rental subsidy’ - the subsidy we receive on our rent - is quite a disincentive not to rent, we are in fact considering buying.

At the beginning timidly, then more and more daringly, and now obsessively. Our lunch-breaks, after-work hours, and often our week-ends are spent frenetically visiting apartments. There is no real estate website that we have not consulted and that we don’t keep monitored. Real estate agents know us by name by now.

The problem is that we have been too spoiled with our present apartment, and now we don’t even take into consideration anything that is not in the centre, at the top floor, with a huge terrace, and with a breathtaking view. (And with a garage).

Well, where is the problem? you would wonder.

The budget…


  1. oh, come ti capisco...
    io, a dir la verità, ho problemi di budget anche per l'affitto!!!

    1. eppure basterebbero 1.3-1.4 milioni di euro per avere - se non proprio la casa dei nostri sogni - una che ci si avvicina abbastanza...

    2. come si dice da queste parti:

      e dalle vostre cosa si dice?

      (btw, a me basterebbero 1000 €/mese per non finire proprio in un buco di stamberga... tutto sommato mi sembra di essere ancora abbastanza parca...)