Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The things that happened in the past weeks

Apologizes for the long absence from the Blog, it has been (actually it still is) a rather busy period.

So, where were we? So many things have happened in the past weeks that I don’t know from where to resume. Mathilde’s trip to Montenegro to attend Vanessa and Thor’s wedding? Her recent business trip to Brussels*? Our ‘default’ trip to Dubai to attend Arndt and Prerna’s wedding? And I still have to post the pictures and the stories from our trip to the Red Sea

But rather than telling about our trips, I’ll start with the visit we received lately instead.

Manu from Kenya, Ricardito from Colombia, Sachi and Adams from DC, and Ulrike (sorry no pictures of her visit) - still from DC. Receiving these visits from faraway has been a bit as travelling ourselves.

Thanks for coming and visiting us, and come back soon! 

(*) My 'business' trips to Pakistan are not a novelty anymore.

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