Saturday, November 28, 2009

Auf wiedersehen Arndt

When I posted the picture of my ‘housewarming pizza’ a few weeks ago, many of you wrote me expressing their surprise for the number of friends I already had. My answer was that it is not too difficult to meet people; the difficulty is to find real ‘friends’...

I can’t say I found in Arndt a real friend: too little time to know each other, too different the stages in our lives (I just arrived and discovering India; Arndt is leaving after two intense years) - but from the first time we met I had the feeling we could have developed a good friendship.

Unfortunately, what it could have been ‘the beginning of a good friendship’ will only remain another interesting meeting among the constellations of people that we have met and will meet travelling around the world. Yesterday eve was Arndt’s farewell: "Auf wiedersehen Arndt, sehen sie in einem anderen leben..."


  1. Es ist besser "sehen Sie in ein ander Land..." forgive my forgotten german.

  2. i wanted to say "see you in another life" (my german is not very good either...)

  3. Auf Wiedersehen in einem anderen Leben! Yes, it was sad to part so early. But the good thing about our lifes is that we can be almost certain that our paths will cross again. Will be back in Delhi in a few weeks :) See you there or in Bangkok!