Friday, November 13, 2009

Federico & Germana in Delhi

Five years in DC, and we could count the number of our guests on the tip of our fingers. On the contrary, it’s only one month we have been here in Delhi and the number of people that either came or are planning to visit us is increasing day by day. Emanuele was here last month. Mathilde’s mum and aunt are expected next week-end. Silvia and Chiara perhaps over Christmas. And tonight we received Federico and Germana, arrived today in India to spend their honeymoon*...

Tired by the long trip, upset because their luggage got lost... despite everything, we managed (hopefully) to cheer them up offering a taste of the comforts that sometime expat’s life can offer. Pansigh in fact, our factotum (maid, housekeeper, guardian, gardener, helper, cleaner, and now cook), prepared us an excellent ‘home-made’ Indian dinner. And at the end of the dinner we didn't have to worry for the washing-up...

'Stravaccati' on the couch, we discussed a bit on everything: Ladakh and the Maldives, the World Bank and Bancaintesa, Boston and Washington, past memories and future plans... And in between, we even managed to call Michele with Skype.

In short, for one evening, Delhi-Milan didn’t seem to be that far...



  1. hi matty i'm coming to india! new year's day in the mother land!

  2. Whoever you are, welcome to India! (but we'll likely be in Kerala over New Year's Day...)