Sunday, November 22, 2009

Qutb Minar

Today we discovered another piece of Delhi: its ‘Muslim’ heart.

The Mehrauli archeological site - which comprises various monuments such as Quwwat-ul-Islam Masjid (the first mosque in India), the tombs of Dargah Qutb Sahib and Adham Khan (important characters in the Delhi sultanate), etc. - marks the area where the first Muslim kingdom in Northern India was established about 1000 years ago. Among the various monuments, the most famous is certainly Qutb Minar, India’s highest single tower, built in 1193 to celebrate the victory of Muslim sultan Qutb-ud-din over the last Hindu king in Delhi.

And while walking between these ruins and monuments, vestiges of past empires, Delhi reminded me for a moment Rome. And wondered: do Indians think that Rome looks a bit like Delhi while visiting the 'Fori Imperiali'?? ...

(Below: French tourists…)


  1. Matteo thanks for the lovely pics - you won't believe this but I lived just a few kms away from the QM for 10 years and never went and saw it!!! I could see it from our roof everyday so it didn't seem such a big deal - now I regret it.

    Btw, did you see put your arms around the Ashoka pillar and make a wish? (not that much different from Rome).

  2. Hi Arati, don't worry, we'll go together in Jan or Feb when you will come to visit us! ;)

    Ps: we couldn't put our arms around the Ashoka pillar - it is now fenced, and forbidden to touch :(