Monday, April 16, 2012

The perfect workplace

Imagine the perfect workplace: five minutes walking distance from home, an amazing cafeteria with a breathtaking view on the Circo Massimo, the Palatine Hill, and the Caracalla Thermae, and - since we are at it - your child’s nursery just across the street… 

No, this is not an imaginary place: this place exists, it is FAO. And well, this is going to be Mathilde’s workplace from now on. After almost six intense years with Conservation International, Mathilde in fact moved to FAO, and today it was her first day of work. 

Congratulations to Mathilde to have succeeded in being recruited in an organization where it is almost impossible for a European to be recruited. But - we all know it by now - for Mathilde ‘impossible is nothing’… 

(Ps: a marginal note to this. When two years ago we chose Rome over Fiji and Johannesburg, our idea was to stay here for three-four years before moving overseas again. Now, with both having a job in Rome, chi ci schioda più da qui*???) 

(*) Who will get us away from here? Qui nous reste cloué d’ici?


  1. Già, e mo chi ve schioda più da Roma? Vengono i Galli, se sposano li Celti, fanno li pupi... e questi che sono? So' Pupi Romani: Ro-ma-ni de Roma! Altro che richiesta de residenza: avete fatto una dichiarazione de "radici"! Statte bene, novelli romani!

  2. Accidenti, che colpo! Che bel regalo di compleanno per Mathilde (e per tutta la famiglia).

  3. @ m2: ma questo significa che ormai non c'è via di scampo - leonardo parlerà in romanaccio (con la "r" alla francese...)

  4. Bravo mathilde mais retrouveras tu des collegues comme nous?????Tu vas nous manque!