Tuesday, April 3, 2012

La storia dei trulli - Appendice

In the XVIII and XIX centuries the trulli became legalized, and the farmers started using the mortar to build them, and the know-how of building them ‘a secco’ (dry-stone) progressively got lost. A peasant of Alberobello, the capital of Trulliland, told us that the last person who knew how to build a trullo died in 1975, and with him the art of building trulli has been lost forever.

Today, because buying and restoring a trullo has become extremely fashionable, many young architects ventured themselves in trying to understand the secret of the conical roofs.

But the results are not quite the same…


  1. mi viene quasi voglia di provare a costruirne uno: le pietre non mi mancano.

  2. hai fatto anche il corso di muretti a secco... ma stai attento, basta mettere una pietra fuori posto e crolla tutto...