Thursday, April 5, 2012

Apulia or Scotland?

Today we were caught in a heavy rain.

And while driving along the Litorale, the road that skirts the jagged coastline, we wondered whether we were in Apulia or in Scotland…


  1. oh dear, we were on our way to the airport (direzione Lecce) when we saw the Italian Nova Escotia pics you posted and decided to drive back to Genzano....where it's currently 20 degrees :-)
    Have bought 15kg of paint to finally get our damp-ridden mould-infested ceilings painted- the price for living above the lake :-)
    Not the greatest of activities for our mini honey-moon:-(

  2. ah-ah-ah...

    enjoy the painting vacation (but you'll regret not to have come when we'll post the pictures of our 'villetta'...)


  3. we regretted it from the word go my dear. We saw the pictures on the link you sent us and wished we were there.....hope you managed to enjoy it enough for us all and eat loads of delicious fish. ;-)