Monday, April 2, 2012

Nel paese dei Trulli (In Trulliland)

The first leg of our journey towards Salentu brought us in a bucolic land that, if we hadn’t known we were in Puglia, we could have easily mistaken for the land of a Tolkien’s tale.

In this part of Puglia, the territory is divided in ‘contrade’ (shires), the villages have picturesque names such as Alberobello (lovely-tree), Locorotondo (round-place), Gioia del Colle (happiness-of-the-hill), and the houses are dry-stone huts with a conical roof: the ‘trulli’, precisely.

And wandering about these villages made of trulli, you immediately realize there is something bizarre, but it actually takes you a while to understand what it is: the doors of the trulli are no more than 1 meter high - exactly the height of a Hobbit…


  1. Prochaines vacances en Italie! Jái déjà un programme: Basilicata coast to coast…