Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A special honey moon

‘How has Leo taken the arrival of Tommy’. This has been the recurrent question we have been asked for the past three weeks.
And we, slightly embarrassed by the possibility of disappointing our interlocutors by contradicting their expectations, tried to provide vague answers: ‘So far not too bad’, ‘Well, at the moment they had very little opportunities to interact with each other’, and so on and so forth.
The truth is that, since day one, Leo has been very sweet with Tommy - or ‘Pommy’, as he calls him. He looks for him, he observes him, he asks about him, he gently - and apparently of his own will and initiative - caresses or kiss him. So far we have not observed a single sign of jealousy or a call for more attention or care.
We know times will come when Leo may express some form of jealousy, and times when the two brothers will be fighting and arguing with each other.
But for the time being we enjoy this very special honey moon…


  1. O Leo è uno che la sa lunga oppure è proprio un nipotino ripieno di panna e fragole...

  2. Just you wait till they both gang up on you! ;)