Monday, April 29, 2013

The moving childcare

Last week-end we went to Val Seriana, north of Bergamo, where Mathilde’s old university mates organized a reunion.

Nice week-end (we’ll tell you more about it in another post). But Val Seriana is not just around the corner - we had to travel twice three hours and half by train in three days. And three hours and half on a train with a 20 month-old and a 5 weeks child may be very long.

But les M&M’s have plenty of resources. To the great joy of the passengers of our coach, we transformed carriage n. 8 into a moving childcare: every kid on the train was welcome to join and share his/her own toys, books, and snacks.

And so, have to admit, the three hours and half of the trip passed relatively quickly. At least for us - but if you want a piece of advice, in the future, if you travel alone or in couple, try to avoid coach n.8…