Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Attacked by Spam - how we are trying to protect us

You may have noticed it, in the past weeks we have been victim of a spam attack: our posts were loaded by a number of unsolicited bulk comments, mainly advertising.

Initially the issue was more annoying than anything else: we were receiving a few spam comments per day, which we regularly deleted. But lately the number of spam messages has increased to few hundreds per day - which made the issue unmanageable.

To prevent the problem, we have decided to set up a 'word-verification' system. From now onwards, if you wish to post a comment, you will be required to complete a word verification step similar to the one above before your comment is published.

We are aware that this additional step could make posting comments a bit more burdensome, and we apologize - but we are sure you do understand, and we hope this would not discourage you from keep on posting your comments

Please, let us know if you encounter any difficulty or problem.


Les M&M's 

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