Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bottom up!

Tommy, June 2013 

Brothers are like snowflakes: there are never two alike. 

And this is true for Leo and Tommy as well, and we are discovering it day after day. 

Let leave the physical aspect aside: blond with blue eyes Leo, dark hair and dark eyes Tommy. Or bald until the age of one Leo, hairy since birth Tommy. Leo and Tommy are showing different tastes and different personalities as well. 

Leo can’t sleep without his pacifier, Tommy never wanted it. Leo was smiling and laughing from the very beginning, Tommy seems more reserved and observer. 

But the biggest difference we noticed is that Tommy, differently from Leo at his age, does not like to lie on his back, and as soon as we lay him down, released as a spring, he immediately turns on his belly.  

Bottom up!


  1. ci sono sia foto tue sia foto mie in quella posizione... tutti orgogliosi del nostro lato B?