Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dieci di questi giorni!

Without almost noticing it, ten years have passed since that 7 November in London.

And ten years, six countries, and two children later, we are still together. Thinking of the next ten years, the next country, and the next child.

We could have been in Istanbul, Moscow or Munich celebrating today. Instead, Matteo is in Lahore to rescue the relationships between IFAD and the Pakistan Government, and Mathilde is in Rome to hold the two beasts at bay.

Strange? Sad? Perhaps just normal if we think this is just one among the thirty-six thousand and five-hundred days we will spend together.

And so, I wish us ten more of these days!


  1. Uh la child?!?
    Bentornato e figli maschi!!!


  2. per ora solo 'thinking of'...

    un abbraccio !