Sunday, November 10, 2013

Leo, fai ridere Tommy (Leo, make Tommy laugh)

In time, Leo and Tommy have been interacting more and more together.

To tell the truth, Leo has been very cute with Tommy from the very beginning. He kisses him spontaneously, he provides us with detailed reportages on Tommy’s activities (‘Tommy cries’, ‘Tommy sleeps’, ‘Tommy laughs’…), and - at times - he interprets the role of the eldest brother: ‘Tommy, non si fa’ (‘Tommy, you should not do it’), tells him severely when Tommy does something he is not supposed to do.

Tommy, on the other hand, holds Leo in reverential admiration. Whenever Leo is in the same room, Tommy does not stop staring at him.

The new game is ‘to make Tommy laughing’. When Tommy looks seriously at Leo, we whisper in Leo’s ears ‘Leo, do make Tommy laugh’. And Leo starts tickling Tommy under his chin, and both start laughing as crazy.

And for us there is no greater joy than observing them growing together...

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