Thursday, July 30, 2009

The calm before the storm (?)

Despite the “big” event, the past months have been relatively quiet. With a bit of luck, I have managed not to travel since March, and the reduced numbers of days “out on mission” have allowed us to enter in a sort of ‘pleasant’ routine.

Despite all the uncertainties and questions regarding the future that our profession brings along, I have to say that we have started to see each other getting settled, at least for the next three-four years, here in DC. And we liked this feeling.

However, as a bolt from the blue, the possibility of moving again broke this (alas seeming) quietness.

On the one hand, the excitement for the perspective of a new experience - always an opportunity of growth for us, and (in a way) always the leitmotif of our past choices. On the other hand, the fear of breaking this hardly conquered peace and routine…

Whatever the choice will be eventually, the next days (or weeks) promise to bring a storm in our hearts and in our minds…

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