Sunday, July 12, 2009

The results of the quiz “How well you know Matteo & Mathilde”. And the winner is…

Upon great request, here below the results of the quiz “How well do you know Matteo & Mathilde?”(*):

(1) The sum of the ages of M&M is:
64 (44 Matteo and 17 Mathilde, but I got the authorization of Mathilde’s parents for the marriage…)

(2) The sum of the weights of M&M is : 111 (To avoid the divorce, I won’t declare my weight)

(3) If you went for dinner chez M&M, they would cook: Pasta pomodoro e melanzane + tarte a l’oignon (If you don’t, it’s probably because we ordered take away food pretending we cooked it)

(4) Matteo’s preferred comics is: Calvin & Hobbes (Fabio, the answer "Asterix" was considered valid as well by the Jury)

(5) Mathilde’s favorite movie is: La Cite de la peur (I admit, this was difficult for the Italians…)

(6) Which place has neither been visited by Matteo nor by Mathilde? Poland (but it’s never too late)

(7) M&M's first kiss was in: Well, you all know the answer...

(8) If they had to move tomorrow to another place, they would certainly take with them? Necklaces and CDs (sorry mum, not the little Chinese elephant, even though – I swear – I love it)

(9) How old would be Mathilde’s nephew if he was born on Mathilde’s graduation day? 5 years (well, I trust the Jury’s maths…)

(10)In his lifetime Matteo has eaten at least 100 kg of ice cream of this flavour: Strawberry (well, you all know now, after the wedding cake...)

(11)Mathilde almost died of a heart attack when: She met face to face with a hungry bear (though, to be honest, it was never proved it was a bear, nor it was hungry...)

(12)If M&M got married at 3 years of age, their best man/maid of honor would have been: Bubone & Sylvestre (in fact I initially asked Bubone, but he couldn’t come…)

And the winners are:

- Winner, with 10/12: Tavolo Eliche (Constance, Pauline, Veronique, Pierre-Antoine, Jean-Marc, Victor, Geoffrey)

- 2nd (ex-equo), with 8/12: Tavolo Tagliatelle (Mamma, Max, Enrico, Elisabetta, Roy, and Regi); and Tavolo Orecchiette (Chiara, Elena, Elisa, Edoardo, Mauro, Emanuele, Gianni, Rex, Hoai)

(*) A special thanks to Silvia for organizing it.

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