Friday, July 10, 2009


Dear family and friends,

While awaiting the “official” thanks to be sent (please, be patient!), we would like to “unofficially” thank-you for having shared our special day with us. You really made it very very special.

- Thank-you for coming from far and near (and for those who didn’t manage to come, thanks for having been so close from far away);
- Thank-you for your logistical and emotional support, at any time before and during our wedding;
- Thank-you for your gifts, emails, cards, postcards, sms, messages on facebook, telephone calls, words of sharing and encouragement… we keep all of them!
- In sum, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

I know many of you are waiting to see the pictures and videos of the wedding, know where the hell the “secret” honeymoon was, get to know the results (and the winner) of the quiz that was organized during the dinner, finally get to know what Monsieur Iweins’ said during his speech, etc., etc.

Please, give us a few days and be assured we’ll share all this.

Meanwhile, please, feel free to periodically check our two blogs: and

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