Friday, June 10, 2011

L’auberge ‘Les M&M’s’ is getting ready for the crucial test

After Silvia, Sara & Tommy, and Patricia, our auberge has been tested by another distinguished guest: Ingrid from Brussels, who stayed with us for a few days in the past days.

We do thank Ingrid for her company (and for her salads!). And while waiting for her official review, we feel we are ready for the ‘crucial test’: Les Iweins, who will be visiting us in the coming days…

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  1. Review from IngridJune 18, 2011 at 3:10 PM

    I definitely recommend l'auberge "Les M&M's"!

    Great hosts, great view, and great location... everything you need in the same street: bars for your morning cappuccino, very good restaurant where you can practice your romanaccio, and a pharmacy to buy blister Band-Aids for your poor feet tired of walking all around the "citta eterna". Also, good jogging spot along the Tiber... (sunny side to avoid)

    Luis, the very friendly portiere, makes it up for the capricious lift.

    Looking forward to come back, first to meet M Junior of course, and then to see the auberge fully furnished (well, to be honest, the furniture was there... inside the boxes) and try the famous terrace chairs to come all the way from Milan!

    Thanks again to the M&Ms! :-)