Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Habemus incunabula

Red as my scooter, red as our couches, les M&M’s (or, better, Baby) has now his/her new baby carriage.

The father would have liked it with BIG driving-wheels, as that of the Americans, to show off in the park with the other dads. Unfortunately it wouldn’t have fit in our elevator. The mother would have liked it as light as a feather, to easily manoeuvre it on the sidewalks obstructed by the parked cars or to easily load it and unload it on our car. Unfortunately they have not yet made them in titanium. In the end, the simpler, the better.

We thanks grandpapa et grandmama Iweins very much for their present - which, by the way (knowing us) probably saved us from neverending discussions on which baby carriage to pick.

Merci! J


  1. riesci a immaginarti il piccolo baby-calvin o la piccola baby-siusy dentro a dormire?

  2. ancora no...