Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rosso come la Ducati di Valentino Rossi*

In Rome do like the Romans.

I was told that you can’t survive in Rome without a scooter. And so, after having come out of the Delhi traffic unharmed, I decided to raise the bar higher and to challenge myself in the Roman traffic.

You all know that my dream would have been a motorbike. I already imagined myself riding my bike to the Castelli Romani or the ‘agriturismi’ in Tuscany over the week-ends. Unfortunately this won’t happen this time.

But it’s nice to keep a dream in the drawer, ready to be fulfilled one day or another...

(*) Photo credit: Federica


  1. scarabeo? liberty? sh?
    su cosa ti stai orientando?

  2. come liberty o scarabeo? quello che sto guidando e' il mio nuovo carnaby 300! rosso ducati (o quasi) appunto

  3. non riuscivo a riconoscerlo... pensavo fosse un altro scooter che ti eri fatto prestare dagli amici!