Sunday, June 19, 2011

Les Iweins chez Les M&M’s

While Matteo is wandering about the mountains of Kashmir meeting community organizations, woman associations, widow groups, etc. to discuss livestock packages, poultry packages, microfinance packages, mobilization strategies, feeder roads, small dams, etc. etc. Mathilde received a pleasant visit: Madame et Monsieur Iweins on a pleasure trip to Rome.

And while thanking them for having taken care of Mathilde in my absence, and for having replenished our new home with new tools and household appliances, I am sorry I missed their visit, and look forward to seeing them very soon.

In August…


  1. merci matteo
    Nous étions désolés aussi de vous manquer!
    Vous avez trouvé un superbe appartement!
    A bien tôt


  2. merci, nous sommes contents que vous aviez bien aimés notre appartement, et nous vous attendions bien tôt…