Saturday, December 10, 2011

Er Pizzardone (2)

I forgot to tell you how our residency soap opera ended.

Before I left to Pakistan I passed by the urban police station to prove our residency.

Considering the premises, the thing went all in all quite smoothly. Yes, I had to queue a bit, but when my turn came, everything got solved in less than a minute: “How many rooms does your apartment have? Are you renting or are you owning it?” - and that’s it: our residency was proven.

I couldn’t almost believe it, but the ‘pizzardone’ on duty immediately brought me back to reality: “Sir, I forgot to tell you: you would need to wait 60 days (!)* before your residence is changed and before you can request the documents or certificates you need to the General Registry Office…”

(*) The General Registry Office is probably less than one kilometre far from the police station!

Well, after all what I went through, 60 days seemed to me a trifle. And luckily Leo is French!

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  1. Te ringrazio, immigrato da Milano. So' bbello puro de profilo de terga! Me piace er tuo post. Te meriti una citazzione al foro de RRoma.